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Rimpack Consulting Limited offers a wide range of trainings tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of the oil and gas industry


Consistently provide beyond what is anticipated.

At Rimpack Consulting Limited, we've built our reputation by consistently going the extra mile in our deliveries, consistently exceeding what our clients expect. Our commitment to surpassing expectations not only impresses our clients but also sets a high standard for excellence in the industry.

Take a look at the upcoming training courses scheduled for October and November 2023.

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Change Management & Organizational Transformation

Unlock Your Organization's Potential: Master Change Management and Drive Transformation for Lasting Success!

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Building High Performing Teams and Motivational Skills

Rimpack excels in cultivating high-performing teams and enhancing motivational skills, fostering an environment where talent thrives and drives success in the oil and gas sector.

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Effective Corporate Communication For the Oil and Gas Industry

This is designed to equip industry professionals with specialized communication skills. It focuses on addressing sector-specific challenges, including crisis management and stakeholder engagement. By enhancing participants' ability to communicate effectively, the course aims to contribute to the overall success and reputation of oil and gas organizations.Register Now

Strategic Thinking Analysis and Business Planning

Strategic thinking analysis involves a thorough examination of market conditions and competitive landscapes, while business planning transforms insights into actionable strategies that guide an organization towards its goals, making them essential components of any successful business endeavor.

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Our Training

Our Extensive Offering of Industry-Related Training Courses.

change manager
Change Management & Organizational Transformation
customer service excellence
Customer Service Excellence
Tendering and Contract Admin. in Upstream Oil & Gas sector
Team Building, Decision Making and Critical Thinking
Marketing Strategy for Customer Retention
Building High Performance Teams and Motivational Skills
strategic planning
Strategic Planning and Execution
project management
Project Management

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